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Pain in the knee can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to walk. Dr. Malinick offers diagnosis and treatment for patients in and around San Dimas, California for knee pain.

Knee Pain Q & A

What causes knee pain?

Knee pain can be a common problem for many people, particularly with advanced age, but if the pain is severe it might be a sign of something different. Knee pain can be divided into three major categories: acute injury, medical conditions like arthritis, or chronic overuse. A thorough physical examination will usually establish the diagnosis of knee pain. Knee pain can be localized to a specific area or the pain can range throughout the entire knee. Depending on the condition causing the pain, the knee can become locked or stiff with movement.

How does a knee get injured?

A knee can get injured through accidents, participation in sports, or with gradual wear and tear from age. Some of the acute injuries that cause knee pain are:

  • Fractures - Direct trauma to the bony structure can cause one of the bones in the knee to break. All fractures need immediate medical attention.
  • Ligament injuries - Most often this involves an injury to the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament).
  • Meniscus injuries - Twisting the knee can injure the meniscus.
  • Dislocation - The knee joint can become dislocated during accidents or sports.

How does an orthopedist help knee pain?

Dr. Malinick has extensive experience treating knee pain. Depending on the type of pain, treatment may include different options such as:

  • Knee Fracture - non-surgical and surgical options such as skeletal traction, the use of casts and braces, or surgery involving internal fixation and external fixation.
  • Meniscus Tear - knee arthroscopy is the commonly recommended procedure.
  • Patellofemoral Instability – treatment involves pain medications, rest, ice, physical therapy, knee-bracing, and orthotics.
  • Arthroscopy of the Knee Joint - Knee Arthroscopy is a common surgical procedure used to look into the knee joint to diagnose or treat a knee problem.
  • Total Knee Replacement (TKR) - Total knee replacement, replaces the worn out or damaged surfaces of the knee joint.

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